Talent Assessment: All That You Need to Know

Talent assessment works well if the companies have pre-defined job descriptions and ideal candidate profiles to benchmark the candidate profiles. The tests do not have a pass or fail marks it all depends on the criteria adopted by the companies to select the candidates.


Applicant tracking system and how it is enhancing the hiring process

Applicant tracking system in quite a short time has changed the way organizations manage the process of recruitment. Sourcing talent with the help of this system has become lot easier enabling HR’s to save their time and effort. It is estimated that almost 75% of the big companies use ATS to manage to hire suitable… Continue reading Applicant tracking system and how it is enhancing the hiring process

Play Technical Tricks While Hiring

In the conventional recruitment process, CV is the primary document an employee and employer exchange while conducting an interview. In fact, HR folks used to shortlist some applicants on the premise of their resumes only. In any case, is it enough to judge somebody? Obviously, not, I mean this is the reason organizations call for… Continue reading Play Technical Tricks While Hiring

Providing the best workforce – Humantelligence

Any organization, be it a business or an NPO, is just a building structure with machines and no product. What brings life into an organization is the manpower. With right human resource development, proper manning, and right staffing, an organization can flourish and reach the zenith and excellence. We at Human Intelligence aim to assist… Continue reading Providing the best workforce – Humantelligence