Hiring employees: Keep your eyes wide open?

Are you looking to hire more employees? Beware before signing the deal.

It is once said by a prudent man, “Life is too short to learn from the self-experience, it is better to learn from other’s”.

This also seems to be applicable in human resource management. Hiring human resources, require an acute understanding of the candidate’s expectation from the company and his career. It is not imperative every time, that a lucrative salary is a perfect bind for every candidate. The working environment of a workplace is the most prominent area to be looked upon, which is often overlooked by hiring managers.

Choose the right person

An employee with the prior experience of a startup based environment, where he is habitual of taking work overloads and perform under pressure; is very much suitable for the established organizations, where process matters more than the productivity. Such employee can be able to deliver the more product and can be utilized more, whenever the need arises.

On the other hand, a person having the experience of snail-paced industry culture, find himself confined with the roster of tasks on his desk and the stringent timelines to finish ’em all at the smaller organizations. He gets frustrated easily and finds himself less motivated for the work, despite being offered with the manifold benefits.

Skills can be built up, technologies can be trained, processes can be wired up, but the slowly building reluctance of an employee to continue with the work is an irreparable loss.¬† Therefore, managers are required to pay more attention to the candidate’s cultural expectation from the company.

A.I. software halves the recruiting work

Humantelligence is an artificial intelligence-based solution, that offers managers a perfect questionnaire to assess the insight of the candidate’s opinion. The new tool requires candidates to give answers to few questions, that can deliver you the expectations of an employee.

Now, you are not needed to build the wireframe around the candidate to catch his flaw. Just share the questionnaire and rest the tool will do!

Should you require any details, do send a response.

Siddhant Saxena,
Business Development Manager, Humantelligence. inc
Contact no – +1 3152151291



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