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Any organization, be it a business or an NPO, is just a building structure with machines and no product. What brings life into an organization is the manpower. With right human resource development, proper manning, and right staffing, an organization can flourish and reach the zenith and excellence.

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We at Human Intelligence aim to assist you in reaching the excellence by providing you the top applicant tracking systems, best recruiting software, talent fit hiring, HT self-assessment,culture analytics and many more services. We provide our clients with best applicant tracking systems and ensure the workforce to be according to the shape of the organization. We provide with the best HR Recruiting software, which enables our clients to hire the best possible workforce and match them to their jobs according to their capabilities and the organization’s needs.

Our main features:-

We have one of the best features among the top applicant tracking systems for our clients, with the presence of the best applicant tracking systems. Here are some of them-

HT self-assessment – not aborting ourselves to the traditional methods of self-assessment, we aim to extract the maximum potential of a candidate. This feature is used by the candidates and employees to know about their own capabilities, their communication criteria, tips and a lot more to let the candidate evolve. Instead of the old questionnaire that asks for knowledge, skills or opinions, our software asks WHY, WHAT and HOW about people.

Talent fit hiring – we are the best recruiting software that is available in the market. Being the most powerful among the top applicant tracking systems, our HR recruiting software, hires candidates not only for their skills but also for their future capabilities which are fit for the company’s success, corporate culture, team fit. It also enables the managers to create ideal custom profiles against which managers can recruit and benchmark. This helps our clients to save a lot of energy and work which is spent on interviewing and filtering.

Culture analytics – to find out the best within the organization, our software provides the features of best recruiting software. It makes teams within the organization and identifies and contrasts the best teams across the organization. It helps to accentuate each team’s strength and weaknesses, to enable the entity to build a stronger and more collaborative workforce. It also allows the company to measure the candidates and fill them in different teams in order to fill the team gaps and fit them perfectly.

Pulse surveys – this is a very landmark feature of our software making us one of the best applicant tracking systems. This software enables the organization to get instant and regular market feedbacks from the employees. You can easily deploy surveys to any part of your workforce. It helps to conduct surveys dynamically and regularly to obtain results that are cost effective and valuable for the work force. It also allows your employees to focus on subjects that are of vital importance to the company’s success.

Team coach – team coach enables the organization to build and contrast the profiles of their workers to increase the understanding and connection among them. Like a coach, it provides valuable feedback to the teams and employees which helps them to increase their potential and correct their irregularities. It assists on overall development.

Humantelligence® is a cloud-based platform that is fast, fun and cost effective for employees and companies to unlock human potential. Through the intersection of motivation science and smart data, Humantelligence® provides insights to individuals, tools for team leaders, and enormous competitive advantages to organizations.



2 thoughts on “Providing the best workforce – Humantelligence

  1. How do you measure job talent?
    Employers that hire for job talent hire fast, hire right, and hire for now and the future, i.e., no more bad hires.
    Hiring for job talent assures that new employees’ stressed behaviors will be a job strength not a job weakness.

    When hiring some managers assess for job talent just before the job offer is made. The managers report that once they started hiring for job talent they realize that they were hiring the wrong person about 80% of the time. Now we know why 80% of employees self report that they are not engaged; employees either do not fit their jobs or the managers do not fit their jobs or both.

    An example of Who is the best person to hire?: 

    Applicant A: 

    – qualified 

    – employed 

    – good experience 

    – had a great interview 

    – poor job talent (less than 70% Job Match) 

    – salary requirement same as starting salary. 

    Applicant B: 

    – well qualified
    – unemployed 

    – great experience 

    – had a decent interview
    – great job talent (more than 85% Job Match) 

    – salary requirement depends on job requirements. 

    Who is the right person to hire, A or B? 

    Applicant A will be a bad hire and shouldn’t be hired. 

    Applicant B will be a good hire and is the right person to hire.


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