Play Technical Tricks While Hiring

In the conventional recruitment process, CV is the primary document an employee and employer exchange while conducting an interview. In fact, HR folks used to shortlist some applicants on the premise of their resumes only. In any case, is it enough to judge somebody? Obviously, not, I mean this is the reason organizations call for a personal interview. Correct? Well, if the personal interview, and also a technical round is worth, then why organizations suffer because of the employees after hiring them?


You don’t have to go anyplace for the appropriate answer as the reality has been uncovered in this article only along with an amazing solution. Organizations endure because they hire somebody on the premise of answers that candidate is presenting amid the interview (a time when a candidate needs the job by hook or by crook). Interviewers, in the wake of finding impressed with the given answers, employ the candidate without knowing what is his/her real mental state. Yes, this is the mistake organizations make and suffer afterward.

Since you were promised to provide with the solution, here we talk about further. Online self-assessment test or quiz is that unbeatable solution that can help you select applicants knowing their genuine identity. How? Self-assessment tests accessible online contain a couple of tricky questions with a few alternatives to pick. Individuals survey themselves answering these inquiries sincerely. The appropriate result turns out on the premise of their selected alternatives that uncover reality about their genuine identity. Such result helps the employer to judge whether the candidate is worth for the employment or not. Interesting enough, correct?

Do I really need such assessment test to hire employees?

All organizations want to hire genuine employees who can coexist with their collaborators and bosses. An employee’s capacity to incorporate himself into your company’s one of a kind culture likewise matters alongside the relevant academic background, specialized aptitudes, and work experience.

Humantelligence® is a cloud-based platform that is fast, fun and cost effective for employees and companies to unlock human potential. Through the intersection of motivation science and smart data, Humantelligence® provides insights to individuals, tools for team leaders, and enormous competitive advantages to organizations.

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