Applicant tracking system and how it is enhancing the hiring process

Applicant tracking system in quite a short time has changed the way organizations manage the process of recruitment. Sourcing talent with the help of this system has become lot easier enabling HR’s to save their time and effort. It is estimated that almost 75% of the big companies use ATS to manage to hire suitable candidates for their organization.  We at humantelligence are well equipped and provide the facility of HR recruitment software to enable businesses, so that they get equipped to manage the whole process of hiring quite effectively and effortlessly.

Hiring of individuals is a long and arduous process and it involves various stages. From advertising the job, to receiving applications, short listing resumes, interview and HR procedure. The whole process proves time consuming. But when you make use of best recruiting software provided by humantelligence, you will end up saving your time. The automatic system allows you to automate the information and undertake job of short listing of CV’s and match eligibility criteria quite quickly and hassle freely. Information gets stored within the system and job seekers are selected for interview automatically without taking much pain.


One of the best and most suitable benefits that software provided by humantelligence does is that it favours job seekers as well. If you are posting your credentials right and match the job eligibility criteria, then it gets easier for you to qualify for the interviews without being victim of favouritism and nepotism. The process if faster and direct and eliminates discrepancies on the part of the job seekers as they cannot submit long credentials  as the system is automated and tracks the past track record of the employees as well.



Quite perfect and satisfying, the Artificial Intelligence has surely brought a revolution in catering to the needs of employers in respect to recruitment task. The Applicant Tracking System is quite flexible and offers benefits in plenty while enabling employers make smooth the task of hiring.

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