Motivating Millennials

To keep the millennials engaged at work, managers must make them feel important and valued. Today the millennials form the major part of companies’ employee base, and hold responsible positions- but they still struggle to connect with the companies. Recruiters need to understand that it’s not just about onboarding them, but what matters the most is the process of on-boarding and making them feel comfortable.

Though every generation finds it difficult to adapt the unfamiliar environment, millennials have to adapt the organizations that are dynamic and changing in their nature. Moreover, they have been lucky to have a strongly structured childhood, which makes it a bit difficult to adjust in new situations.

Here is how you can develop millennial-friendly atmosphere and to motivate them at work:

Allow them to contribute

Allowing the millennials to contribute their thoughts and ideas about something that would help the organization, is something that would motivate them the most. This would make them feel valued and they would eventually contribute a lot more from the next time.

Trust them

The candidates would not like to work in an organization where they are not being trusted. This would bring their morale down, and would have a negative impact on the organization. So, another best way to motivate the millennials would be to trust them with the work, and they would surely do it perfectly.

Make the job fun

 No one would like to work with an organization that works too seriously. Every person wants to have some fun, and this is something important of course. Too much pressure would not help the candidates in bringing out satisfactory results. So, for this, a bit of fun is needed in any organization to help their candidates work with enthusiasm.


These days, many recruiting and employee engagement platforms are available to keep the millennials hooked to the organization. Humantelligence is one such cloud-based platform that is fast, fun and cost-effective for employees and companies, to unlock the human potential.


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