Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a significant role in the growth of a business in the recent times and is leaving the humans behind. The AI services have been getting popular because of their loyal answers to the tasks, and not being biased at all. (Book a demo) The AI services like self-assessments have been gaining high popularity… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment

Basic Tips to Keep Employees Happy

Motivating your employees and keeping them happy is something that leads to an organization’s success. If they are happy and really enjoy what they are doing, then nothing can stop them from achieving peak performances. This would in turn benefit not just the organization, but the individuals as well. There are a few basic tips showed by Humantelligence that… Continue reading Basic Tips to Keep Employees Happy

Motivating Millennials

To keep the millennials engaged at work, managers must make them feel important and valued. Today the millennials form the major part of companies’ employee base, and hold responsible positions- but they still struggle to connect with the companies. Recruiters need to understand that it’s not just about onboarding them, but what matters the most… Continue reading Motivating Millennials

Basic Skills the Employers Look For

Companies demand candidates to own certain skills as prerequisites for a job application. Well, these skills differ from company to company and position to position, but what still is constant are the skills that a person must own otherwise. The skills are not important just for the sake of the organization, but helps the candidate’s… Continue reading Basic Skills the Employers Look For

Make Your Mind Clear for A Self-Assessment Tool

Knowing yourself better is something very important. It is adroit to understand your conduct and the reason you are this way. This learning encourages you to settle on better decisions in life. A self-evaluation instrument can be an extreme approach to find out about yourself, and it can help you make fundamental upgrades in you.… Continue reading Make Your Mind Clear for A Self-Assessment Tool

Providing the best workforce – Humantelligence

Any organization, be it a business or an NPO, is just a building structure with machines and no product. What brings life into an organization is the manpower. With right human resource development, proper manning, and right staffing, an organization can flourish and reach the zenith and excellence. We at Human Intelligence aim to assist… Continue reading Providing the best workforce – Humantelligence